Nissan Skyline Hakosuka KGC10 for sale (N.8181)

  • Stock number:
  • Mileage:
  • Chassis number:
  • Fuel:
  • Transmission:
  • #8181
  • 40,956 km
  • KGC10-034313
  • Gasoline
  • M/T5
Price(USD): $85000

Full Wide Body Aero Kit with Wing

Full Wide Body Aero Kit with Wing

One of the best classic Skylines we have ever had - Skyline Hakosuka KGC10 GTR replica.

Comes with 2.8L modified engine and upgraded injection system.

The body is a GTR replica which includes:

GTR front grill

GTR front emblem

GTR rear emblem

GTR rear wing

Watanabe wheels

aftermarket exhaust

upgraded carburetor (injection)

upgraded brakes

Fully Restored

This is definitely one of the cleanest

Hakosuka restorations we have come

across in a long time.

Previous owner removed all components

and resurfaced and repained every

corner of this vehicle.

The hood and trunk latches were

even stripped and repainted!

The undercarriage was stripped and

inspected for rust and metal was

repaired, and repainted/sealed.

Suspension was replaced with

OEM and aftermarket parts.

The engine was not only restored,

but also upgraded with performance

pistons, cams, and carburetors.

The interior was also restored,

with an upgraded sound system,

seats and trimmings restitched,

its look authentic and brough

back to its original luster.

If you've dreamt of these classics,

then you know the

beauty of the chrome,

and gleam of sunlight on its paint;

this Hakosuka is a tribute to

the glory of the Skyline name.


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