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How to place orders online?

Once you choose a vehicle that you want to buy from our online vehicle inventory, send us a purchase request through an order sheet below of each product and our sales staff will contact you with a proforma invoice.

How do I find a vehicle?

On our web page, you can easily find the vehicle that you are looking for through searching by the model, maker and etc.

How do I find a vehicle that is not listed on the stock list?

Call or email us with a description of the vehicle that you are looking for and we will find it for you if available for sale in Japan.

What is your vehicle`s condition?

The most of the vehicles we have in our stock are in very good condition. We buy our vehicles from Auctions in Japan as well as through franchise dealers and individual sellers all around the country. Before we purchase, our team of professional mechanics thoroughly checks each vehicle’s condition before we stock them for sale.

What kind of maintenance service do you provide on my vehicle?

All vehicles are basically sold on an “As it is” quality. However, vehicles are well checked for roadworthiness and arrange necessary vehicle's inspection, cleaning, maintenance service that is called “Semi-reconditioned works” at our facilities prior to shipment. If any malfunctions are found, they are attended to you before being exported or displayed in the pictures.

*Cleaning (Interior and exterior, Engine and under the body)

*Used good tires and good batteries.

*Good running conditions without any problems.

*Inspecting vehicle`s mechanical condition and maintenance work.

How do I find spare parts for my vehicle?

Please contact us with the part that you need for the vehicle that you have.

What kind of maintenance work do I have to do after delivery?

We recommend the following maintenances and services done upon arrival. Change the oil and filters, check the tires, radiator liquids, brake pads, and battery.

Do you give any warranty for the vehicles?

No, we do not give any warranty for our vehicles. Used vehicles from Japan are usually of excellent quality, however you may arrange for a third party logistics company to inspect your vehicle.


When will I receive my shipping documents?

Once the vessel carrying your vehicle had departed from our port in “Nagoya”, we will receive the shipping documents from the shipping company in Japan. Then, all necessary documents will be sent to the address mentioned on your order form or address you request.

How do I track my documents once they have been dispatched?

We normally send these documents by using DHL express for faster and safer delivery of your documents on time. Our shipping department will issue information direct to you with your tracking number. You can then use this number to track the package on this website. *DHL express

What kind of documents will I receive?

*B/L (Bill of lading)
*De-registration/Export certificate
*Commercial Invoice
*Other required documents in your local customs.


Do you accept Credit Cards?

No, we do not accept any Credit cards.

Do you deal with foreign currencies?

Yes, but only American dollars and Japanese yen.

Do you accept Bank Checks?

No, we do not.

Price displayed on the website, are they FOB or CIF?

The prices are FOB (free on board)

What is the payment method?

Telegraphic Transfer (Bank remittance) - This is the preferred method of payment and it is the quickest, safest way of your payment. It normally take approximately 2-5 days to receive and process your payment. As soon as you have done your payment, please fax or email us a copy of your invoice and the bank receipt as a confirmation of your payment.

Do you accept Letter of Credit payment?

No, we do not accept any letter of credit payments.

How do I have your bank account details?

Bank Account

Bank Name: The Chukyo Bank Limited
Branch Name: Nanyoucho
Account Number: 5009829
Address: Shichitan-no 2-102, Minato, Nagoya, JAPAN
Name of Account Holder: JDM EXPO Co., Ltd


What are the countries that you export to?

We can export to any country where there is a legal law to import Used vehicles from Japan.

When is the next ship to my port?

Please contact us.

What type of insurance do you make while shipping?

We do not make any special insurance other than the one provided by the shipping company. If you need to insure your consignment with any special insurance policies, you need to contact us in advance via email.

How do I find my port of discharge?

Please inform us your country where you will register the vehicle so that our sale’s staff will inform you with the most convenient port of discharge be email.

What is CIF, C&F, and FOB?

*CIF (cost,insurance, and freight)
*C&F (cost and freight)
*FOB (free on board)

How do I get shipping information on my vehicle?

As soon as your vehicle has been booked for shipment, our staff will inform you the shipping details via fax or email with ETD (estimated time of departure) and ETA (estimated time of arrival)

How do I receive my vehicle at the port?

As soon as you have received all documents through air courier, you are able to start necessary clearing works at clearing agents at the destination port. Our coordinated clearing agents are available at the ports. Please ask them anything you have concerns about.

What am I covered for when paying for insurance?

The only thing that the insurance (which is usually $50) will cover is if there are natural disasters, fires on board, or international wars on water.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any others that are not answered above!