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    R 34 – The fifth generation of the GT-Rs and still the most dominant vehicle in motorsports. 

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    Yatomi-shi Head Office

    We welcome you to visit us in Nagoya anytime during working hours and try out your dream car before the excited purchase decision. 

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    JDM EXPO tuning

    We are a leader in Japanese automotive industry in exporting Japanese iconic sports cars – Skyline GT-R R32, R33 & R34s and provide you absolutely great vehicles and services in importing your dream Skyline at unbeatable prices!

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    JDM classic cars

    Our offered cars are not only limited to our existing stock. Upon your special inquiry, we also provide custom search for the cars from the local dealers and deliver it to your front door in anywhere around the globe! 

  • Welcome to JDM EXPO Co. Ltd. Japan

         JDM EXPO is one of the leading sports and classic vehicle exporters located in central Japan. With over 36 years of experience in the market and partners around the world, we have the largest stock of sports cars and classic cars in Japan. We provide a full service of searching for and re-conditioning vehicles according to your preference and deliver them anywhere around the globe.


         As of 2015, we are now able to deliver Nissan Skyline, Hakosuka GC 10, GTR 32, Honda NSX, Mazda RX-7, Toyota Soarer and many other JDM vehicles anywhere in the USA!  Learn more