Nissan Pao (N.8462)

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  • Year:
  • Mileage:
  • Chassis number:
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  • Transmission:
  • #8462
  • 06/1990
  • 111,770 km
  • PK10-016639
  • Gas
  • M/T
Price(USD): $11000

Full Wide Body Aero Kit with Wing

Full Wide Body Aero Kit with Wing

A little different from the norm with this, but a great following of lovers.

To find these in a manual that hasn't been corroded is proving difficult to find these days.

She is all OEM.

Looking for something a little retro looking then look no furhter.

There are a number of these still on the market (not many in manual)

Get in touch with us if something like this is your flavour.


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