Inventory Highlight - R33 GT-R V-Spec Stock# 8227
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  1. JDM Expo Official
    JDM Expo Official Administrator Staff Member Yatomi
    This R33 has plenty of mods and a balanced tune, a car that performs as great as it looks.  Visit the link below for a long list of mods, and pictures, and check the video for a walk around and performance run.

    For info, check our catalog page at:
    Stock# 8227
    Video below:

    JDM Expo Official, 2019-03-04 15:18:10 +05:00
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  2. Wow that's a really clean Skyline R33 GTR V-Spec
    Michael Morrison, 2019-03-05 10:26:14 +05:00
  3. Dejaol sone
    Dejaol sone Member
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    Christopher Weydert, 2020-11-01 19:50:48 +05:00
  5. Darth Vader
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    Darth Vader, 2020-11-25 06:53:41 +05:00
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    Ulric kaka, 2021-03-03 23:17:40 +05:00
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