10+10 tons of hoists sold to the Philippines in 2023
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    Electric wire rope hoist procurement parameters Order time: 2023.3.20 Lifting capacity: 10+10 ton Lifting height: 50 meters Working voltage: 440v/60hz/3p Order content: 10+10 ton electric wire rope hoist Exporting country: Philippines This is an order for hoists sold to the Philippines in 2023. The customer purchased this hoist from our crane factory, with a lifting capacity of 10+10 tons and a rope length of 50 meters. This is the sixth time that the customer has purchased crane equipment from our company. The order was placed at the factory on March 23rd and painting began on April 23rd. The atlas shows some details of the hoist in the factory. If you would like to learn more about the hoist and the latest prices for 10+10 tons of hoist, please contact us. Advantages of hoist Strong control ability: The hoist can control electrical equipment in the power system, achieving safe and stable operation of the power system. High protection capability: The internal protection device of the hoist can detect faults and overloads in the power system, and provide timely protection to avoid equipment damage and accidents. High reliability: The hoist adopts reliable electrical components and connectors internally, which can ensure the long-term stable operation of the hoist and improve the reliability of the power system. Convenient operation: The internal operating mechanism of the hoist can achieve manual and automatic control, with simple and convenient operation, allowing for quick troubleshooting and equipment maintenance. Strong adaptability: The types and specifications of hoists are diverse, which can adapt to the needs of different power systems and meet the control and protection needs of various complex electrical equipment. High degree of intelligence: Modern hoists adopt intelligent control systems and communication technologies, which can achieve remote monitoring and control, improving the automation level of the power system. Environmental protection and energy conservation: The electrical components of the hoist adopt environmentally friendly materials and energy-saving design, which can reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution. 10+10 tons of hoists sold to the Philippines in 2023
    Tai tai, 2023-05-26 06:02:32 +05:00
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