Honda Civic SiR
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    Hondas can be very divisive – its either love to the point of obsession or complete hatred but how can you not marvel at Honda’s VTEC engines. In the late 80’s/early 90’s when turbos were all the rage, Honda decided to go their own way. What they offered instead was not so much an engine but a technological marvel which revved forever and through variable valve timing wizardry offered power right up to the redline. The EG6 Honda Civic SiR made from 1991-1995 is the one to have. The EG6 is an excellent chassis which has over the years proven hugely successful in racing. Even 25 years after its launch this Civic looks fresh and its sleek body shape is iconic in the tuning world. Combine this with the VTEC engine and you have the recipe for true legend.

    Why now is the time to buy one:
    Just now becoming US-legal, many find JDM examples to be too expensive as they command a much higher premium than USDM models. However, there is a good reason for this and these cars are getting to be more rare by the day. Prices are not going to be going down.

    Great handling
    VTEC Engine
    Timeless styling
    Will hold its value
    Honda reliability

    While these engines love to rev they can be found lacking torque when the revs drop
    Interiors are a let down
    Tough to find good, clean examples that haven’t been modified a few times over

    What to look for?
    Go for one as original as possible and add bolt-on options as you choose later. OEM JDM options are very desirable and having those stock parts on hand will really increase the value.

    JDM Expo Official, 2017-07-11 13:14:49 +05:00
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