How to Farm New World Coins for Real Money?
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  1. How to get more gold in the new world Task Therefore, in the world of Aeternum, the first way to obtain gold coins is to complete quests in various settlements or NPCs in specific locations that will be opened during the exploration of the continent.Complete mission in the new world This is the most obvious and common way to get gold coins, because the essence of RPG games is based on completing tasks. Believe me, there are many such tasks in the new world. These can be a variety of tasks, divided into sub-categories: • Main story • Side story • Faction missions • Town project It is necessary to understand that some tasks, such as side tasks, are completed quickly enough, while some tasks such as the main task require a certain amount of time or the existence of the required role level. Therefore, it takes time to obtain enough gold coins. In addition, some mission types bring more gold coins, others less. It should be noted that you will get gold coins for completing each task. In addition, there are various equipment, experience points, and so on.Collect Collecting resources is also a good opportunity to grow gold.New World Collection ResourcesThe new world provides players with a wide variety of resources, such as wood, ore, gems, steel, animal and bird meat, fish, and so on. By extracting resources, you can upgrade your collection skills, after which you can obtain more expensive materials and make high-quality items. Expensive materials can be sold profitably, and at the same time you have a symbiotic relationship between your collecting skills and the ability to cultivate gold coins in the new world. Always pay attention to the most needed resources on the server, not necessarily some expensive gems, but may be ordinary iron ore. In other words, if this is the case, please take the time and energy to find and mine iron ore, and then sell it at the highest possible price. The in-game price market of resources and the stock market or stock market are not always stable, so please don't miss the opportunity to sell resources at higher prices when there is demand. On the other hand, no one is forbidden to specifically collect rare resources. These resources can be obtained with high-level collection skills. These resources are usually reasonably priced, and there should be no problem selling them. The new world farm gold coins are not only mechanical resource collection and resale, it is a kind of tactics and strategies that can earn a lot of gold coins in construction.Loot tradingPerform in-game missions, travel through the location of Aeternum, and you will encounter enemies, wild animals, etc. If you leave the battle as a victor, the enemy’s equipment will be given to you separately, and you can sell it to merchants in the city or leave it to your own needs.New World TradeIn addition, the spoils of fallen enemies may be better than your current equipment, so you can put on better armor or pick up more powerful weapons for your character. It should be noted that not every defeated enemy will drop legendary and rare items. These items are often standard items and are not so expensive or even completely cheap. Therefore, the accumulation of gold coins takes time.MakeMaking high-quality and expensive items can bring gold coins to your bag, but the journey is long and laborious.New World CraftsMaking good items requires certain production skills, and the production itself requires high-quality resources, which is also unavailable for low-level gathering skills. Therefore, before you start making money, you need to improve your character's skills well. At the same time, despite the time spent, all your efforts will be rewarded because you can reach the peak in terms of collection and production skills, which has provided you with a steady influx of customers. Be sure to interact with other players to exchange resources and help craft items, which can significantly speed up the process of accumulating gold.You can sell new world gold for real money. It is difficult to say which of the listed options is most conducive to obtaining gold in the new world. Most likely, it should be a combination of all methods, and sooner or later it will give you wealth and comfortable gameplay.
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