KBK cranes and electric chain hoists sold to Australia in 2023
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    KBK cranes procurement parameters Order time: 2023.3.14 Lifting capacity: 2 ton Lifting height: 5 meters Main beam length: 6 meters Working voltage: 415v/50hz/3p Order content: KBK steel structure + electric chain hoist Exporting country: Australia This is the KBK crane sold to Australia in 2023. The customer purchased a rigid KBK crane beam and a hook type electric chain hoist from our crane factory, with a lifting capacity of 2 tons and a lifting height of 5 meters. The order was placed at the factory on March 17th and the production of the chain hoist was completed on March 22nd. The atlas shows some details of electric chain hoists and KBK crane beams in the factory. If you want to learn more about KBK cranes and the latest prices for 2 tons of KBK cranes, please contact us. What is kbk crane KBK crane belongs to single girder crane with suspension system. But instead of using I-beams, it is composed of C-shaped steel and pendants. The structure is relatively simple. However, the carrying capacity is limited, and chain hoists are generally used for hoisting. KBK cranes have strong adaptability and can work in various geographical environments. They have a wide range of main uses and are suitable for various parts of industrial production. Moreover, the installation of the track is very flexible and can be quickly installed in the complex working environment of the factory. Due to the reduction of many installation operations, the KBK crane can work in a shorter time and the overall speed of the working chain is increased. The KBK crane adopts a modular design structure, which is very convenient and quick to disassemble. Moreover, the adjustment of the track is very convenient and quick, and the middle of each module is connected by anchor screws, which is very convenient and quick to use. The overall scheme design of KBK track saves a lot of capital allocation and improves the efficiency of track operation. In addition, the production plant has a very small footprint, which allows the production plant to free up a large amount of interior space designed for other industrial production work. In general, the lifting capacity of KBK is less than 2T. KBK cranes and electric chain hoists sold to Australia in 2023
    Tai tai, 2023-05-26 06:11:03 +05:00
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