Care Coordination Presentation to Colleagues
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    NURS FPX 4050 Assessment 3 - Care Coordination Presentation to Colleagues

    Your nurse chief has noticed your skills and information in care coordination, and she needs to assist you with taking on a more prominent job all the while. You should foster a presentation to show ace homework writer  colleagues the central principles of care coordination. Ethical and policy factors are crucial in healthcare, particularly while coordinating patient treatment. These include classification and privacy of patient information, informed assent, and plans that manage healthcare.

    Care coordination involves to-and-fro communication among nurses involved in treating a patient. It improves persistent results, diminishes healthcare costs, and increases positive patient experiences. It likewise advances self-administration of patients, which helps them live longer and maintain their wellbeing. However, implementing ace my home work care coordination requires a ton of changes in staffing, assets, and policies. It is important to teach colleagues about these issues to increase their up front investment and facilitate a smooth transition to the new framework.

    Nurses are a crucial piece of the healthcare group, and they play a significant part to play in enhancing quality and wellbeing estimates in hospitals. They can assist with reducing medication blunders, hospital-acquired infections, wrong-site a medical procedure occasions, and other sentinel occasions. They can likewise team up with other healthcare professionals to foster an effective preventative treatment procedure. This presentation video bases on effective write my homework techniques for teaming up with patients and their families to accomplish needed wellbeing results. It additionally identifies and shields policy provisions from an ethical decision making perspective.


    The nursing system requires nurses to team up with patients and family individuals to achieve desired wellbeing results. Nurses should likewise utilize the patient's unique physiological, social and psychological necessities to design care. Nurses should likewise understand the impact of societal and organizational policies on their ability to team up and provide quality healthcare. In this assessment, you will make a preliminary care coordination plan for a chose patient. In the arrangement, you will identify and record community assets that might be utilized to address a specific wellbeing concern. Your preliminary arrangement ought to include a minimum of two credible sources that help best practices.

    The ANA Governing set of principles emphasizes that nurses ought to attempt to improve the quality and wellbeing of patient care. This includes collaborating with colleagues to address concerns, for example, medication mistakes, hospital-acquired infections and wrong-site a medical procedure occasions. In addition, nurses ought to help the idea that wellbeing is a right for all individuals. This capability centers around identifying and implementing effective strategies for collaboration with patients and their families to achieve desired results and make a satisfying patient experience.

    Your nurse chief has noticed your prosperity as a care coordinator and is asking you to foster a presentation that highlights the basic principles of care coordination. She needs to help other staff nurses take on an expanded job in managing the care coordination process and improving patient results at their community care focus. You will make a video presentation that includes NURS FPX 6212 Assessment 1 Quality and Safety Gap Analysis  community assets, ethical issues, and policy give that influence care coordination. Your presentation ought to include a detailed narrative script and reference list. You should cite something like three credible sources from peer-reviewed diaries or professional industry publications in your work.

    The national structures for healthcare quality and cost reduction are continually changing, introducing new opportunities for nurses to impact the wellbeing framework in general. In this assessment, you will build a repository of assets and examination about the nurse's job in enhancing quality and wellbeing measures for medication administration. Then, you will identify and choose assets to advance a sentinel occasion connected with medication administration at a specific healthcare setting of your choice. Your nurse director has recognized your prosperity as a care coordinator and requests that you facilitate a training presentation on the principles of care coordination. This presentation will be given to different nurses in your community wellbeing focus.

    The presentation will zero in on effective techniques for teaming up with patients and their families to accomplish needed health results. The presentation will likewise address NURS FPX 6026 Assessment 2 change the executives issues and shield facilitated care plans from an ethical decision making perspective. Ethical factors in care coordination include informed consent, which implies that patients maintain whatever authority is needed to pick their treatment and ought not be compelled to go through certain medicines (Peterson, 2021). Another ethical factor is equity, which requires healthcare specialists to treat patients fairly and similarly. Policy factors in care coordination include national systems for healthcare quality, cost reduction, and reimbursement. These policies might impact the care coordination process in a variety of ways, including by increasing admittance to healthcare or promoting esteem based care.

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