What is an essay and how do I learn to write one?
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  1. Structure and outline of the essay The essay consists of three parts: Introduction. This briefly describes what the essay is going to be about. Main part. Here the author of the studybay essay shows the reader his own point of view and defends his own arguments. Conclusions. Here everything that was written in the main part is summarized. Together with the reader, the author sums up some kind of results. It is not allowed to draw conclusions "out of nowhere". Classification of essays The main division is by nature and by orientation. According to the nature of the statement Causal - the author takes a specific cause and finds out why it happened; Descriptive - the author prompts the reader how to solve a certain issue; Comparative - objects on one topic are compared; Conceptual - variants of the definition of a concept are considered, after which the author derives his own definition; Argumentative - here it is necessary to convince the reader; Analytical - the problem is identified and carefully analyzed. According to subject orientation Fiction - here they consider humanitarian issues, as well as stories and novels; Literary-critical - any work is carefully analysed; Philosophical - the author examines his own attitude to certain philosophical problems; Scientific-publicistic - the author introduces the reader to specific scientific facts. Signs of an essay The essay is distinguished by a number of features: Small volume; A specific topic is disclosed; The narrative is free-form, and it is at ease; A tendency to paradoxes; Colloquial speech in the priority. Rules for writing an essay The only formal rule is to have a heading. Otherwise: The author of the essay has every right to make the internal structure arbitrary; It is allowed to make an argumentation before the formulation of the problem; The essay is addressed to already prepared readers who understand what the essay is about. Therefore, the statement of the essence prevails over the service details. Mistakes when writing an essay Classic problems are usually encountered: Long prefaces; Few necessary details; Insufficient checking. It is important to identify not only grammatical or punctuation errors, but also not to make unfortunate turns or strange expressions. Verbosity. It is not typical for an essay to have a lot of words, so manage the volume wisely. Long phrases. Sentences should be easy to read. Excessive length will only make it harder to read correctly. Checking the essay It is important to make sure that you have fully answered the question and clearly laid out your own thoughts for everyone. All the arguments presented should not be broken by the first tricky question. Other points are also important: See if the essay is personalized and free of boring generic phrases; The more unique details, the better; There should be some distinctive features in what is written.
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