Is growing cannabis worth it?
 EU   Started by Aleks Shamles   2022-07-19 13:47:31 +05:00   Comments: 9    Viewed: 497

  1. Aleks Shamles
    Aleks Shamles Member
    I don't know whether growing cannabis is worth it or not, but I really want to try. Buying cannabis is getting pretty expensive.
    Aleks Shamles, 2022-07-19 13:47:31 +05:00
  2. Dendi Brown
    Dendi Brown Member
    I'm not sure about that as well, but I've heard that even people who don't have green fingers manage to grow it.
    Dendi Brown, 2022-07-19 14:18:30 +05:00
  3. Randy White
    Randy White Member
    Randy White, 2022-07-19 15:21:13 +05:00
  4. I don't see anything wrong with that. This is my opinion, but I never force it on others. For me, freedom of choice and awareness in such things is important. I recently found a cannabis clubs map and it has been a real find for me. It's great that there are places where I can feel free and be myself.
    Richard Carter, 2022-09-07 21:12:50 +05:00
  5. Dylly Gukin
    Dylly Gukin Member
    I think growing cannabis at home is just for fun and when you have nothing to do, because when you want to get high, it's easier to order it from a shop somewhere)))
    Dylly Gukin, 2022-09-09 23:46:25 +05:00
  6. Latera  Nors
    Latera Nors Member
    You may be right, but think about how unusual it is to grow it and sell it afterwards! If you are interested, I suggest buying bulk cannabis seeds ! . The thing is, cannabis seeds used to be hard to find, not just at a cheap price, but at all! But now things have changed and people can be happy with such offers. Try it out!
    Latera Nors, 2022-09-10 16:31:04 +05:00
  7. Haizer Haizer
    Haizer Haizer Member
    Hello! does it matter what kind of lighting I will use for growing cannabis or marijuana, what would you advise?
    Haizer Haizer, 2022-09-10 20:21:33 +05:00
  8. Hello! If you are into cannabis or cannabis expression, then you know for sure that a grow tent needs to be well lit. For my needs I purchased a Horticulture SUNDRO Pro-S700 Veg Uv Bloom Commercial Plants Indoor Samsung LED Grow Light, my plants are now growing fast and the result is a top quality product. I recommend buying from Prime Grower, the quality is top notch.
    Markeyvius Cathey, 2022-09-10 20:29:57 +05:00
  9. Carol Bailey
    Carol Bailey Member
    To grow cannabis or not? - there is only one answer to that question and that is yes). It is quite easy to grow it, there are plenty of recipes on the Internet on how to grow it. But the question is different. Where do you live? Do you have a house or an apartment? If you live at home, then no problems at all, but if you live in an apartment, there will be inconveniences. In an apartment you need to separate the space for it, to make a small house for the sprouts.) And in the house you can always find a place for such an activity. I also recommend that you check out the information at what's the top tetrahydrocannabinol blog before you start.
    Carol Bailey, 2022-12-16 23:26:54 +05:00
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