Honda NSX for sale (N. 7980)

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  • Mileage:
  • Year:
  • Fuel:
  • Transmission:
  • JCI (Shaken) :
  • #7980
  • 114,500km
  • 1991
  • Gasoline
  • MT5
  • 08.2017
Price(USD): $85000

Full Wide Body Aero Kit with Wing

Full Wide Body Aero Kit with Wing

Honda NSX GT500 replica for sale in Japan. For the USA customers, this car is federally legal to import to the USA under 25 years old rule. Detailed info on the car is as follows: 


Honda GT 500 in E-NA-1 Format.

First registration date in Japan – May, 1991.

Shaken – until August, 2017.

Prime mover in – C30A form.

Capacity – 2 people.

Vehicle weight – 1,350kg.

Gross vehicle weight – 1,460kg.

Length – 443cm.

Width – 194cm.

Height – 114cm.

Transmission – 5MT

Current mileage – 114,500km


Engine / engine systems

RFY made 50PS UP KIT intake collector tank

Fully overhauled after 100,000 kilometers

Port polished

Toda Racing strengthening valve spring 9600rpm

Toda racing oil pump

RFY made large-capacity aluminum oil pan

RFY aluminum crank pulley

RFY made silicon strengthening engine mount

RFY manufactured by BYK throttle body

RFY made custom intake manifold

NOS injector mount / silicon hose kit / radiator hose, etc., full kit

RFY made oil catch tank / reservoir tank (both made of stainless steel)

RFY aluminum racing radiator

SARD-made fuel regulator

SARD-made racing funnel air cleaner

SARD-made racing spark plug

Trust made e-management

NOS / RFY total system Special Settings

RFY made completely equal length F1 exhaust manifold

KSP made five out custom muffler

OS Giken twin plate reinforced clutch

NSX- type R for 4.2 final gear

Metal head gasket

RFY aluminum oil filler cap


Underbody / chassis system

SSR made PROFESSOR front 17 inches 9.5J alloy wheels

SSR made professor rear 18 inches 11J aluminum wheels

KSP made front 50mm duralumin made special wide spacer

KSP made rear 60mm duralumin made special wide spacer

Front tire 235 / 40ZR 17 inch rear tire 295 / 30ZR 18 inch

RFY made original full tap harmonic drive

Swift made 12kg suspension

Roberta Cup four-wheel air jack system

Biot made offset expansion front 355mm rotor rear 340mm

Project μ brake pad (F / R)

Stainless steel mesh brake hose

Front stabilizer for the NSX Type R

NSX type rear stabilizer for R

Super private monocoque strengthening brace bar



Burn-up GTC 98 Front bumper spoiler

Bumper canard

Marugahiruzu side skirts

Marugahiruzu rear fender

Marugahiruzu Aero bonnet

RFY front under difesa

Route KS Zero Force fender

Route KS acrylic rear hatch

Route KS carbon snorkel

Route KS carbon rear spoiler

Route KS rear falcon

Route KS 1900mm carbon rear wing

Acura red tail lamp LED

Prof HID headlight kit

Blue LED turn signal lamps

NOS nitrogen purge blue LED system

Paint in Ferrari Rosso Corsa

Original F canard

Original R canard (double)

PIAA LED small lamps

Original bonnet dummy slit

Original rear side difesa

Paint in Ferrari Rosso Corsa

Viper security system



Sparco professional 2000FRP full bucket seat

NSX Type R electric seat rail

MOMO F-1 350mm steering

Sabelt 4-point seat belt

Carbon fiber console / side switch console

DEFI Racer 52φ water temperature gauge

DEFI racer 52φ oil temperature gauge

NOS pressure gauge

Ultra 300km digital speedometer

RAZO shift light

RFY NOS operating lamp

Short stroke shift (Quick Shift)

RFY aluminum shift knob

NSX Type R mesh shift cover

Carrozzeria AVIC-V07MD HDD car navigation

KENWOOD KAC-8404 Power Amplifier

Zeke Wonder Cat 3 (radar detectors)

Focal 170V 2Way speaker

Focal tweeter


NOS activation switch with LED Light

NOS heater switch with LED Light

Fullseg TV tuner

All air conditioning parts already replaced (an evaporator / resonator / compressor / each sensor / air conditioning relay, etc.)

Left and right side door regulator and motor all parts exchanged/replaced. 


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