Toyota Sera for sale (N. 7940)

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  • #7940
  • 1991/08
  • 119,000km
  • Gasoline
  • MT5
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Price(USD): $7800

Full Wide Body Aero Kit with Wing

Full Wide Body Aero Kit with Wing

Automobile basic information

Model: Toyota Sera

Year: 1991

Millage: 119,000km

Color:  Black

Fuel: Gasoline

Body type: Coupe

Mission: 5 speed manual

Displacement: 1,500cc


Automotive information

State of millage: Original

Number of doors: 2


Steering: Right

Repair history: Yes

Owners: more than one

Capacity number: Four-seater

Vehicle inspection: 2 years


Equipment (option etc.) information

Air-condition, power steering, power window, leather seat, lowdown,

non-smoking car, Audio: CD changer/MD changer, HID (xenon light).

Gull wing · HID · lowdown · RAYS16AW! 

Outside the front aero bumper & R spot · HKS air cleaner · FGK muffler.


M/T state

There is no failure of MT mission. 


Engine state  

Great condition






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