How to write a brilliant essay
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  1. Betty Dawson
    Betty Dawson Member

    Many humanities students will have to think about Part C in the current school year. 


    Thinking about how to write an essay well, read past examples in advance, take on especially favorite techniques.


    First, write down everything that arose in your mind when you read the grade miner reviews. Then select the main point and tell it as if you were the first person to talk about the problem. Be convincing, logical, concise, moderately emotional. Don't forget your sense of humor.


    When the draft is ready, reread what you've written:


    • through the eyes of a child (everything should be understandable even to a toddler);

    • through the eyes of a peer (does the text make you yawn? Rewrite it!);

    • through the eyes of your teacher (whether what you have written corresponds to what the teacher has prepared you for).

    Then forget about all three readers and just make the text like you personally. Would you recognize your essay if it wasn't signed? Okay, give yourself an "A"!



    Betty Dawson, 2021-11-28 14:18:12 +05:00
  2. tomwade
    tomwade Member
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    tomwade, 2022-01-03 14:43:23 +05:00
  3. Honey John
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