Are there any Canadian JDM owners here?
 Americas   Started by Leximum   2021-11-25 11:43:59 +05:00   Comments: 1    Viewed: 14

  1. Leximum
    Leximum Member Richmond
    I live on the west coast of Canada which is touted as the haven for JDM cars and am a proud owner of a Toyota Alphard. Never had I thought that trying to locate a replacement part for the Clock Spring to fix the horn would be such a struggle! That begs the question. Should I go further and consider getting something like a Supra or a GT-R? As my friendly Japanese mechanic, Yoshi San advised me to buy two of the same car next time using one as a donor car. Do all JDM enthusiasts live by Yoshi San's motto? As he puts it, they are rich kids and they can afford it.
    Leximum, 2021-11-25 11:43:59 +05:00
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